Mobile App Support

Having trouble installing the app?

If the installer link from the web page is not working, try installing directly from one of the following links:

iPhones and iPads

Android phones and tablets, such as a Samsung Galaxy

Having a problem running the app?

We have found that simply restarting the device solves most problems. Please try restarting the device and starting the interview again before emailing support.

What are my other options for taking this interview?

In additional to iOS and Android, you can take the interview from any computer or laptop equipped with a webcam and mic. Open the interview email on your computer or laptop and click the interview link to start the process.

Why is my test video rotated?

We have noticed some phones have problems with setting the correct orientation. This is fine and we make sure the video is properly rotated when played back by the recruiter. Just make sure that besides the orientation, the video and audio play back properly.

How do I contact support?

Send email to Please include what kind of device you have - be as specific as possible. Please also forward the interview email you received.